Hey beautiful teacher legends, my name is Andrew.  I’m a musician and an English Language teacher with a GradDip in TESOL and CELTA. 

I found that students enhance their pronunciation from using songs with rhythm and rhyme while subconsciously processing the grammatical structures. 

The result is real accelerated learning of speaking fluency

Here is a sample.

CLICK HERE for “Everyday Verbs Songs” and Worksheets

I’ve developed 16 songs and 35 worksheets as well as interactive online exercises relevant to the songs.  The songs are written around grammatical themes with relevant lexical vocabulary.  

Of course students use all the language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, in the activities used around the songs.  They are designed for students of intermediate to advanced levels.  



Agueda Alvarado Bernai

Hi, I am really surprised at the effect of the songs in teaching English. The songs make students feel much more motivated. And i am also surprised at the large collection of songs you have. Thanks so much. Nice to be a part of the program. Hãy ghé qua trang chủ Yahoo! Việt Nam!

It’s simple, yet it help my students, who are new learners of English, to differentiate sounds. They keep singing the song up to now 😉 Fransisca Kristanti

Hi there, I believe that the songs are great…they really are. Ahmed H. Sandouby

I selected your songs because they are very useful, fun and simple to understand and apply grammar learning. For example, the song on present tense refers to activities or the daily routine that we all have eveyday. The melody helps to remember the words. My students listen to the irregular verbs that we practiced in class. In fact, your material has been very useful in my classes. Thank you very much. Greetings from Costa Rica. Marta Matamoros

CLICK HERE for “Everyday Verbs Songs” and Worksheets

Dear Lets Learn English Through Song folks, I love your songs! I teach a class of 12 second language learners in New York City. They are mostly from Spanish-speaking countries, and are living is in a residential program for unaccompanied undocumented immigrant kids under 18, most of whom have had interrupted education. (These are the kids who come north to try to find parents who left to work in the US, or to go work themselves, and then get caught along the way.) It’s basically a temporary detention house so that they can be safe and well-cared for in a home-like environment while the US government tries to track down a relative or decides to deport them. All this to say that I can’t send you a picture of the kids because I’m not allowed. 🙁 The good news is that they enjoyed your songs (and that they’re getting good care.) So, last Sunday I was doing your conditionals song with the boys, and before using it, I drew pictures to go with each of the lines in the cloze exercise, so that they would be able to look at these and understand them even if they didn’t get all the vocabulary. In addition to the pictures and we practicing pronunciation on a few words I thought they might not get. Then we listened to the song a few times and they filled in the blanks. Then we all sang it together. Besides I wanted them to get the intonation, and the connected speech with “If I” and I felt that happened. Thanks so much for making these. Erin

Learning English through songs is something that is always welcome by the students. Great ideas!! thank you Graciela

Hi, I’ve heard most of your songs.They are really good.I feel they will help me while teaching English. Regards Rajlaxmi Das

CLICK HERE for “Everyday Verbs Songs” and Worksheets

Hello, there I don’t know how to address you. I like the “English Spelling Sounds Song” very much. I think those songs are very great and helpful to my students. I have tried to teach some to them. They like the songs very much! Thank you Brindy

Hi there Thank you for this great website .I’m an English teacher and I found it good for my students . Thanks Suzan 

Thank you very much.Im am a student in Malaysia.Really,i had been studing english with all my best from the sunrise to sunset,then so may new words remained within in my mine disappeared.i like this programme so much. nguyen hung