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Look at these English words and their pronunciation.

now, cow low,

moth, mother, broth, brother, both, bother ?

there, here, pear ?

hear, bear, dear ?

read and read (past tense), bead and dead ?

pay, paid, say, said ?

meat, great, threat ?

suite, straight, debt ?

hose, rose, dose, lose ?

foe. shoe?

goose, choose ?

These words and other English spelling words are put into a song.

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Hi friends, I think that your “English Spelling Sounds Songs are excelent form how to develop English and make learning fun. Once again thanks.

Vladimír Korbel

Hello, there
I don’t know how to address you.
I like the “English Spelling Sounds Song” very much. I think those songs are very great and helpful to my students. I have tried to teach some to them. They like the songs very much!

CLICK HERE for my “Everyday Verbs Songs” and Worksheets